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  • Added support for 'Public' and 'Private' comment types in SalesForce.
  • Enhanced ALM Connect to reflect the new logo and company name for VersionOne

Major Bug Fixes


  • In case of a bi-directional synchronization in ALM Connect, if the blocking 'Processing failure' in one direction is deleted manually then the blocked 'Processing failure' in other direction is not being processed and continues to be blocked with error 'Processing is already in progress or has failed for the corresponding target entity'.
  • ALM Connect detects conflict in case of bidirectional synchronization between 'Text' and 'HTML' type of fields and the user has added content with multiple lines in such fields in the end-system.
  • 'System log' in the 'Administration' tab of ALM Connect user interface is blank.


  • For Jira, if there are multiple fields with the same display name and such fields are mapped in the mapping configuration on ALM Connect user interface then, inconsistency is observed with the synchronization of such fields.


  • For VersionOne as a source system, 'Processing failure' with error 'Unparseable date' comes during the synchronization of system date fields like 'Created Date' or 'Updated Date'.


  • For TestRail as a source system, only 250 entities were getting synchronized in one synchronization cycle.

Team Foundation Server/Azure DevOps

  • For Team Foundation Server/Azure DevOps as a source system, 'Global failure' with 'NullPointerException' comes for the 'Build' entity if the API response doesn't have proper Queue data.