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  • vManager: Metric Port.
  • Added database support for MySql version 8.x
  • For Jira as a source system, reduced the overall synchronization time for an event by approximately 15% by eliminating the redundant API calls.

Major Bug Fixes


  • 'Global failure' with the message 'Error occurred while decrypting password' comes with the integrations for which the ALM Connect user is overridden in 'Entity level advanced configuration' section if ALM Connect application and it's database are migrated to another server(physical machine).


  • For Jira as a source system, 'Processing failure' with 'NullPointerException' comes if the update operation for 'Remote Id' in source entity was failed previously (which resulted in 'Processing failure') and the 'Processing failure' is retried after the source entity was moved to the different project.


  • For Rally as a target system, 'Processing failure' with error 'Entity with internal id -1 does not exist.' comes for 'Changeset' entity while the Template:SITENMAE tries to link the changeset with the corresponding workitem and Rally API gives error while getting information for the workitem.


  • For Git as a source system, 'Processing failure' with error 'Adapter not supported for system Type : Git' comes if the target system supports rich text fields (e.g HTML, Wiki).