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New Versions

  • ServiceNow: Paris version.
  • ServiceNow Quick Connect: Paris version


  • For SalesForce as a target system, added support for the 'Assignment Rules' feature.

Major Bug Fixes


  • If the password configured for the SMTP system configured in the 'System Configuration' page of ALM Connect is incorrect, ALM Connect doesn't give a proper error.
  • If the target system doesn't support attachment and a 'Processing failure' with error 'Unsupported operation' comes when ALM Connect tries to synchronize attachment to the target system then, another entity is created in target if this 'Processing failure' is retried.


  • For Jira as a source system, when ALM Connect is running in current state mode and bulk update is performed on an entity in Jira, the 'Last processed time' for the entity keeps getting updated in every job cycle.
  • For Jira as a source system, if an issue type is removed from the project which is selected in the integration configuration then, ALM Connect gives 'Global failure' with an improper error message.


  • For Zendesk as a source system, 'Processing failure' with error 'NullPointerException' comes if there is an embedded image in the rich text field (which is the comment in this case).