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Agility Connect Point Release Notes 21.1.1


Here's a list of new features and bug fixes in Agility Connect 21.1.1. 

  • You can now create mappings to sync Agility Iterations and Jira Sprints. Agility Iterations and Jira Sprints are assets supported by Agility Connect. The use case here is to create a mapping to sync Agility Iterations with Jira Sprints as and when you create or update Agility Iterations or Jira Sprints. For more information, see Create Mapping to Sync Agility Iterations and Jira Sprints.
  • Value Mapping Settings—You may or may not have mapped all of the values in single-select drop-down lists. In such cases, the sync operation may fail as Agility Connect cannot figure out what to do when a single-select drop-down field is updated with an unmapped value. You can use the Value Mapping Settings to resolve such conflict situations arising out of unmapped values. For more information, see Value Mapping Settings.
  • When Jira and Agility label fields are mapped, any updates to Agility labels, by default, would overwrite the full list of Jira labels instead of appending new labels to the already existing list of Jira labels. However, you can choose to either overwrite or append via customizations. Use the customization script for planning level to label and add the following line to have the labels appended: Planning Level to Label Overwrite=False.
  • You can now have changes to certain fields of interest posted to the Comments and Conversations sections of Jira and Agility respectively.

For example, the following image shows a handful of Agility and Jira fields—whose values—if updated—are posted to the Comments and Conversations sections of Jira and Agility respectively. 



The use case here is to keep tabs on changes to unmapped fields and other fields of interest.

For example, the following image shows a list of Jira fields—with values—that are updated in Jira and hence are posted to Agility workitem's Conversations as configured.


  • Clicking a mapping from the Mappings List page opens up the mapping in a new tab.
  • In addition to the Mappings List page, the View Logs link is now available on the View/Configure Mapping pages. 
  • Users with the Shared Asset Manager role can now view the log files for Agility Connect mappings and Webhooks. 
  • Sync Reference is now enabled for Agility—TeamForge integration. However, you must create the ID and URL TeamForge custom fields and map them with Agility's ID and URL fields (when you create an Agility—TeamForge mapping) to have the backlinks synced between TeamForge and Agility.
  • A fully qualified workitem URL (with the target system's domain name) is returned post sync by the target system when a new workitem is created in Agility.
  • Performance improvements to make Agility Connect pages load faster than before.

See Agility Connect Documentation for more information.