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Continuum Release Notes 17.0.0

Flow & Risk Dashboards

Finally all of your devops metrics in one place! The new metrics dashboards provide devops champions with unique insight on the performance of devops processes.

Implementing devops processes is only the beginning. Measuring performance of these processes will allow you to gain unique insights as well as identify areas of opportunity to continuously improve and deliver value to your customers faster.

By measuring development & delivery activities, Continuum now delivers key performance & risk indicators in a single place.

Measure the flow of your devops implementation and gain insight into workload distribution across phases, lead time, and

Measure the risk of your value-stream and increase confidence of production releases. Risk metrics will allow you to analyze commit distribution, rogue commits percentages, and risk averages.


Progression Activities and Controls

Progressions now support package-specific activities and controls that allow you to prescribe and evaluate discrete events as packages move through a progression.

Release Managers can now define automated and manual activities for packages as they move through a value-stream. Once activities are completed, controls can evaluate their output and move packages through your value-stream automatically.

This powerful addition increases the speed with which software is released and adds a powerful layer of audit & control to your internal processes.




Enhanced Manual Interactions

Continuum now supports assignment of manual interactions to individual users as well as email notifications. Groups or users assigned to a manual interaction will no longer have to login to Continuum to check for pending interactions; email notifications will keep all parties involved with the software delivery process informed when their attention is needed and allow for faster resolution times.

Risk Metrics - Defects by Source File & Risky Files

Continuum now records "file-level" details from commits and how they relate to workitems; for example, versions that include files with a high number of historical defects may be deemed higher risk and identified as such in both the progression board and the file view.

This allows release managers, developers, and devops engineers to identify areas that may need more rigor around testing and validation, ultimately allowing the delivery of higher quality software.





Bug Fixes

  • D-11365    CTM: Users: My Account: Time Zone list is not populated
  • D-11559    Buckets detail page can not create a json editor
  • D-11560    Artifact Revisions can not be viewed on the workitem detail page
  • D-11570    Import does not work on the cloud edit page.
  • D-11591    teamcity build pipeline command not working with wait set to false
  • D-11628    When running an Interact - Action, tasks with no parameters show dialog that accepts parameters.
  • D-11631    When Flow - Interact - Action does not have any Action JSON provided, the pending pipeline cannot be Reconciled
  • D-11635    Manual interaction: plugins should interpret variable formatted values
  • D-11638    Pipeline Instance: Integration Summary: Assigned To is not populated
  • D-11692    pi_summary query returns null when providing only group ID
  • D-11695    Incorrect error message when a user cannot be found.
  • D-11699    Variable Tags do not resolve before sending emails
  • D-11700    importing an exported task gives key conflicts when 'minor' or 'major' are specified
  • D-11706    Utility - Conditional plugin is not allowing values to be stored in the plugin steps added to the true and false sections
  • D-11712    import_package API/command does not correctly overwrite phases
  • D-11732    CTM API: For API summary metric, when the context does not match a result, API should not return a python error
  • D-11736    CTM API: Metrics: daily_summary seems to always return zero for pis
  • D-11818    project directives (specifically initiate_pipeline but consider all others) should not crash the rest of the submission handler logic