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Continuum Release Notes 16.1.4

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Release Highlights

June 21, 2016

The Continuum 16.1.4 release contains various bug fixes and enhancements.
  • D-01701 Scope MVRs quickadd lists should filter out existing items

  • D-10139 Installer fails when there the linux platform when system has a custom login banner

  • D-10562 Product workflow page shows No Workflow has been defined for this Product even when workflow is defined

  • D-10637 BitBucket Branch Creator doesn't handle multiple pages in the response from BitBucket

  • D-10683 API 'version' does not follow same rules as other endpoints

  • D-10695 Adding an Initiate Pipeline or Run Task action to a pipeline duplicates phases on the pipeline definition

  • D-10700 New user creation with domain\username puts an extra back-slash in user ID

  • D-10715 ctm-import-canvas command line and rest api commands are not functioning

  • D-10721 ctm-create-user status parameter expects integer but docs give strings as valid inputs

  • D-10740 Creating a user via the UI or API doesn't save provided Groups

  • D-10742 New Products, Projects and Pipelines - cannot edit Globals ... sometimes.

  • S-56850 Enable 'test connection' of all plugins via the 'Manage Plugins' page

  • S-57296 Pipeline Run should automatically get updated to Passed or Failed when pipeline finishes

  • S-57969 Renaming a Pipeline should fix Action references

  • S-57996 One-page Pipeline editor

  • S-58295 Task editor advanced variable setting ability

  • S-58344 Task GLOBALS that are dicts are not parsed as such.

  • S-58364 When change comes into Continuum, a LC changeset is created

  • S-58366 Package relationship to changes/work items shows 'added_dt'

  • S-58376 'ForEach' Task Command (better than Loop)

  • S-58424 Artifact add/delete/edit capability on Project Manage

  • S-58425 Update 'Register Artifact' plugin

  • S-58446 Octopus deploy function in a pipeline needs to allow passage of additional parameters

  • S-58449 Surface artifact 'revision' where necessary

  • S-58450 Artifact Revision functions can save the "branch" build detail.

  • S-58455 Command-line tools should raise API exceptions rather than display 'None'

  • S-58517 Update 'artifacts' perspective for new data model

  • S-58518 artifact revision 'version' property

  • S-58520 'Register Artifact' must optionally accept 'Project' argument for artifact lookup.

  • S-58521 artifact 'name' must be unique when paired with project_id

  • S-58522 Project Detail page now shows list of associated artifacts and the 'last revision' details.

  • S-58536 Creating a user via the API or commands should allow providing 'contributors'

  • S-58538 Deprecate 'deploy artifact' pipeline function

  • S-58540 Update Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity and Automate 'revise artifact' functions

  • S-58544 Add 'copy to clipboard' to URL on project manage, webhook handlers and API token

  • S-58582 Rename of 'Packages' to 'Buckets'

  • S-58607 Fix 'ClearCode' references in notifications

  • S-58611 Package Definitions - editor to manage packages