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Continuum Release Notes 16.2.0

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Release Highlights

August 3, 2016

The Continuum 16.2.0 release contains enhancements to Lifecycle Delivery at a Glance support, package revisions, canvas security, WinRM support for NTLM authentication, and a variety of usability improvements and bug fixes.
  • Lifecycle Delivery at a Glance support

  • Package revisions can now be compared graphically

  • Canvas security has been enhanced

  • WinRM support for NTLM authentication

  • Also a variety of usability improvements

Bug Fixes

  • S-59031 Lifecycle plugin update function Specify Phase to use new packages

  • D-10941 Fixed cannot select Tags on Canvas resources

  • S-59261 Automate tasks to support NTLM authentication for WinRM connections

  • S-59260 Now can import and delete pipelines and projects (bug fixes)

  • D-10926 Given a bundle name is not specified, Package Name should be used instead

  • D-10903 Drop-downs with true/false are being incorrectly read as boolean instead of strings

  • S-59083 Variety of minor UI fixed and enhancements

  • D-10927 When MongoDB is unavailable, Login screen gives no indication

  • S-59084 Lifecycle and Jira should have explicit Project Directives for looking up work items on change submission

  • D-10899 MongoDB index improvements on selecting and sorting packaged work items

  • S-59039 Package Progression Dashboard

  • S-59075 As an Automate user, I want to set timers, so that I can measure and use task times

  • S-59063 Work items and Changes aware of their package/progression/phase details

  • S-58896 Jira <-> Continuum Integration, create package data for Jira work items

  • S-59055 Show aggregate work items across selected Package Revisions (diff)

  • S-59057 Global Registry editor should have an advanced 'text' editor

  • D-10865 Continuum Pipeline to specify phase for a received commit fails when run against Lifecycle instance to create a Bundle

  • S-58879 remove commands that set 'lifecycle state' on work items

  • D-10873 Pushing a link to Lifecycle should not crash the pipeline if there is no URL property

  • S-58897 Jira <-> Continuum Integration, create canvas for Jira side plugin

  • S-59040 Access package revision artifacts in automation (pipelines/tasks)

  • S-59041 Package Revision 'Actions' should pass 'initiator' details

  • D-10852 Should not be able to create Project/Pipeline with an empty name

  • S-58892 As a DevOps engineer, I want a TeamCity Build Automate task command, so that I can fire off TeamCity builds with Automate

  • S-59038 Continuum supports updating Lifecycle Bundles with Changesets

  • D-10839 Revising an Artifact does not update the 'lastupdatedt' of the parent record