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Continuum Release Notes 16.2.3

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Release Highlights

August 16, 2016

The Continuum 16.2.3 release contains bug fixes from the initial release of Delivery at a Glance. Other pipeline edit and instance improvements made based on user feedback.

The previous release was 16.2.0. Skipped forward to 16.2.3 to catch up with the current Lifecycle release.

  • S-59312 Rename package revision 'description' to 'full_version' to support new API promotion feature.

  • S-59302 Artifacts no longer require a location attribute, make location optional

  • S-56972 Remove all synchronous AJAX calls as they are deprecated.

  • D-10986 Project "Run Task" Directive is marked as "not yet implemented"

  • D-10987 Loop utility plugin doesn't allow variables in the iterator field

  • S-59343 Continuum to record history of "package version in phase" including duration field.

  • S-59326 Package Revision Action able to use [$ variables $] from the package revision document, including it's 'globals'

  • S-59325 Pipeline "initiator" property to include 'artifacts' array if started by a Package Action

  • S-59260 Can import and delete pipelines and projects (bug fixes)

  • S-59307 Create an API endpoint to advance a package revision a progression stage

  • D-10981 Delivery at a Glance does not respect version part of packageId, Version, Phase composite key

  • S-59362 Add Attachments support to Slack plugin

  • D-10951 Continuum fails to start when a license was entered incorrectly into the license text area

  • D-10954 Copy user does not show correct set password controls