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Continuum Release Notes 16.2.5

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Release Highlights

September 2, 2016

In Continuum Release 16.2.5, a problem with using Continuum in SSL / HTTPS mode has fixed. The package revision label in Delivery at a Glance in Lifecycle can be customized to be more meaningful. System wide time zone default can be set as well as user localized time zones. The beginnings of delivery metrics are being collected if using Progressions. Several other usability and documentation improvements.

If using Delivery at a Glance in Lifecycle, this release of Continuum requires Lifecycle 16.2.5 or greater. Also if using DAAG and Lifecycle is upgraded to 16.2.5, Continuum must be on at least 16.2.5 as well.

  • S-59512 Show package work item average metrics on package detail page.

  • S-59630 Promote Revision command should save 'package revision history'

  • D-11038 Continuum HTTPS SSL connections errorring do to missing pyopenssl library

  • D-11037 TeamCity fails even if "inherit build status" is set to false

  • S-59567 Generate a unique user-readable code for each build pipeline

  • S-59584 Add 'fields' parameter to get pi data to limit number of fields

  • D-11035 Default time zone in My Account always "America/Boa_Vista" if you haven't previously selected one

  • S-59570 Add full version to Package Promote Revision pipeline command

  • S-59582 Add 'since' date filter to list_pipelineinstances

  • S-59438 As a user, I want to see date/times in the UI in my local time zone/format

  • S-59209 If Continuum passes a "custom label" for a package, Delivery at a Glance displays that custom label instead of concatenating name+ver+rev

  • S-59251 Security question information displays on "My Account"

  • D-11003 Continuum does not enforce user limit as part of the evaluation license

  • S-56972 Remove all synchronous AJAX calls in the UI as they are deprecated.

  • S-59454 metrics engine should calculate story/phase durations and averages on a timer as well as on events related to that story

  • D-11012 Javascript error loading artifact detail page

  • S-59482 Remove deprecated Flow plugin pipeline commands, validate and bring documentation of Flow plugins current

  • S-59483 Remove deprecated Git get ref pipeline command

  • S-59485 Add version field to Run Task pipeline command, update documentation

  • D-10934 Test Connection button on the plugin management screen gets automatically triggered when the my account page is overlaying it

  • D-10935 On the Environment page, history tab, if you click another tab, then back to the history tab, and repeat, the rows on the history tab grow and grow and grow.

  • D-11013 "Retry Pipeline Instance" action button throwing error because wrong instance_id

  • S-59362 Add Attachments support to Slack plugin

  • S-59437 Add additional parameter support to TeamCity plugin

  • D-11002 TeamCity run_job throwing ValueError if change timeout is empty