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Continuum Release Notes 16.2.6

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Release Highlights

September 21, 2016

The Continuum 16.2.6 release fixes vulnerabilities on the login page. TFS 2013 Git support has been enhanced. Fixes for Delivery at a Glance (DAAG) rogue commits. Jenkins plugin log display and inherit status fix. Continuum progressions now provide data for package metrics. Package screen shows delivery based metrics reports.

If using Delivery at a Glance in Lifecycle, this release of Continuum requires Lifecycle 16.2.5 or greater. Also if using DAAG and Lifecycle is upgraded to 16.2.5, Continuum must be on at least 16.2.5 as well.

Defects Fixed

  • D-10296 Http command in Automate, variable popup page format needs adjustment

  • D-11033 When 2 or more commits are sent in a single push, Lifecycle only associated the first commit properly in Delivery at a Glance

  • D-11046 Viewing a jenkins log in the pipeline instance view results in the error: Calling processor [details/] method [main] failed with exception

  • D-11070 Jenkins plugin get build info inherit build status is inheriting build status even when set to false

  • D-11074 Continuum installer fails to install or upgrade on RedHat Enterprise Linux version 7

  • D-11075 Promote Revision function does not include all work items

  • D-11080 TFS 2013 change submission logic not functioning when a new branch is pushed to a repository


  • S-59034 When associating Rogue Commits with a primary work item in Lifecycle, Continuum gets updated with the same relationship

  • S-59507 Generate package (plus package+version) metrics based on work item average time in phase

  • S-59512 Show package work item average metrics on package detail page

  • S-59630 Promote Revision command should save 'package revision history'

  • S-59631 Deliver Revision command stops the metrics calculations clock on work items in a Package

  • S-59647 Progression board shows 'delivered' details

  • S-59698 Differentiate in Continuum Lifecycle work items as 'defect' or 'story'

  • S-59699 For a package version, new metric that shows the ratio of 'stories' to 'defects'

  • S-59708 TFS 2013 change submission improvements for SOAP change alert interface

  • S-59798 Login Page fields don't allow Javascript injection and not vunerable to XSS attack

  • S-59799 Login Page fields don't allow SQL injection

  • S-59838 Add REST API call to dynamically update pipeline Global Summary