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Continuum Release Notes 16.2.8

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Release Highlights

October 27, 2016

Continuum Release 16.2.8 fixes vulnerabilities related to possible Javascript injection or cross site scripting (XSS). Also new pipeline commands where created for creating and deleting branches in TFS, Bitbucket and GitHub. File based risk metrics are also now being calculated (files that have large amounts of defects in the past).

Defects Fixed

  • D-11218 Continuum license exception reminder email is being triggered on every commit

  • D-11213 Automate Manage Clouds shows   in default account column


  • S-60231 Remove a multitude of spurious SSL warnings from pipeline logs

  • S-60159 File object 'risk factor' calculation to be a calculation of several simple metric ratios

  • S-59880 Cross site scripting (XSS) and Javascript injection remediation

  • S-59701 Record file level details from commits and relations to work items

  • S-60136 Allow safe HTML formatting in the pipeline instance description field

  • S-59583 Add Github create branch canvas for Delivery Stream

  • S-60103 All repo change submissions should put their payload data in the Workspace as ""

  • S-60100 TFS Visual Studio Team Services create and delete branch pipeline commands

  • S-59217 Do not allow the Manage Plugins page to auto-populate user and password fields

  • S-60081 Bitbucket Cloud create and delete branch pipeline commands

  • S-60072 Allow the sorting of Delivery Phases on the Progression Manage page