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Continuum Release Notes 16.3.3

This feature is available in Ultimate edition only.


Release Highlights

December 21, 2016

This release adds more Jira support for risk and value release and delivery metrics. Pipelines can now be run directly from the pipeline definition editor for testing purposes and pipelines instances can be rerun. Progression metrics recalculate when changes are made to the phase order. Fixes for managing Continuum user accounts via the REST api have been made. Various fixes based on customer feedback.

Defects Fixed

  • D-10746 Contributors page doesn't show every contributor.

  • D-11119 Change displays as unmanaged change on perspectives, change screen when it is managed

  • D-11310 Pipeline/Task/Canvas variable replacement cannot handle unicode characters

  • D-11316 Change log stopped working after XSS refactoring

  • D-11321 Octopus plugin references Jenkins in an error message

  • D-11324 Bitbucket create branch api call needs to send the repository name in lower case

  • D-11327 Remove Octopus Deploy incorrect Get Build Info pipeline command

  • D-11339 More button on Package Detail and Package Revision fails with various errors

  • D-11342 list_users api call fails if any users do not have a default timezone set

  • D-11343 list_users api endpoint missing a corresponding ctm-list-users command line command

  • D-11347 update_user api call missing corresponding ctm-update-user command line command

  • D-11349 create_users api call should allow for a user to be created in disabled status without a user or email

  • D-11364 Task editor showing a message a No Commands have been defined message above the codeblock

  • D-11373 ctm-list-pipelineinstances doesn't offer the 'since' option

  • D-11383 Contributors change count is off by 1

  • D-11385 Data flow -> new -> project dropdown duplicates values after creating new project

  • D-11391 Jenkins plugin V1ARTIFACT fails to register artifact in pipeline

  • D-11400 Gitlab create branch do not error if branch exists option is not working

  • D-11403 Lifecycle syncronizing workitem status fails on types that aren't story or defect.

  • D-11406 Workitem last activity date is no longer displaying

  • D-11411 Restarting continuum services from administration page does not work on RedHat linux


  • S-59324 Pipeline command to set a workspace key with the value of exactly one item in another array key

  • S-60300 Fix remaining document relationships to project that are by "project" and not "project_id"

  • S-60450 Promote To Phase command able to rewrite version

  • S-60451 Revise Package should save an original_version property

  • S-60456 Change the label of "Insert Log" plugin to simply "Log"

  • S-60472 Initiate pipeline logic moved from API/UI to jobhandler

  • S-60549 Ability to do a debug run of a pipeline from the Pipeline Builder page.

  • S-60575 Ability to re-run a Pipeline Instance as an exact duplicate of another completed instance.

  • S-60581 Utility Plugin - functions to copy Manifest to Workspace

  • S-60624 Editing a Package, once a Progression is selected, should be able to add 'directives' for each Phase.

  • S-60684 Artifact - Update Location plugin function

  • S-60686 Package - Load Revision doesn't load the revision globals

  • S-60726 Jira plugin now distinguishes between stories and bugs for value goal metrics

  • S-60732 Remove the status waterfall from Project Detail

  • S-60771 Jira add link command should display link and title in the pipeline instance display

  • S-60772 Set Workitem Status supports conditionally setting status if current workitem status does not exist (none status)

  • S-60788 Ability to visualize the designed progression directives for a Package.

  • S-60789 Ability to get Plugin config for use in a Task.