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Continuum Release Notes 16.3.4

Release Highlights

January 18, 2016

This release allows for Continuum to serve the web ui, message hub and rest api behind an Nginx proxy for SSL termination purposes as well as over the same tcp port. AWS api enhancements allow for Continuum to inherit EC2 instance role api credentials as well as an update to the AWS CloudFormation CreateStack api parameters. Package revision boxes on the progression board can be removed.


  • S-60615 Allow package revision boxes to be removed from the Progression Board in Continuum

  • S-60963 Allow the Continuum ui to bind to an address such as

  • S-60837 Update Continuum AWS cloud formation api CreateStack with latest parameters from api documentation

  • S-60629 Promoting a Package Revision to a Phase should execute all directives in order

  • S-60929 Continuum installer should be able to run on systems that do not have python 2.7 by default

  • S-60923 AWS task support for EC2 IAM role instance credentials for AWS REST api calls

  • S-60787 Contributor emails are captured from SCM, and new "email contributors" pipeline plugin

  • S-60853 Task command Set Workspace Data should set data in pipeline using proper datatype