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Continuum Release Notes 17.1.4

17.1.4 Highlights

New Complexity Rank Metric

For users taking advantage of Continuum’s SonarQube integration, a new complexity rank metric will be available on the following objects:

  • Source Files
  • Workitems
  • Package Revisions

The new “Complexity Rank” takes the SonarQube “Complexity” metric and normalizes it in order to include it in Continuum’s risk calculation. Lifecycle users can take additional advantage of this metric as Continuum will now send the “workitem” complexity rank to Lifecycle and display on primary workitems. Finally, the “Complexity Rank” for an entire Portfolio Item will now display on the “Delivery at a Glance” board when using the “Portfolio Item” view.

New “List Registries” API Endpoint

The new “list_registries” API endpoint provides all defined Continuum registries in a single operation.


  • Rogue commit percentage on the risk dashboard no longer display decimals
  • Filter on pipeline instances page now supports description search
  • Filter on pipeline instances page has been
  • Continuum installer issue for CentOS 7.x has been resolved
  • Jenkins authentication issue for version 2.61 or greater has been resolved