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Continuum Release Notes 17.2.0

17.2 Highlights

PLEASE NOTEyou must install MongoDB 3.4 or above prior to installing this version of Continuum. Please see the MongoDB Documentation site for instructions on how to upgrade.

Please reach out to VersionOne support first if you would like assistance with this upgrade.

MySQL DB Phased Out

With this version Continuum is now completely migrated off of MySQL and will rely solely on MongoDB as its database solution. Data migration will occur automatically open upgrading. Please do not uninstall MySQL until the upgrade has been completed and verified.

New User Interface

The Continuum user interface has been de-designed, making it easier to navigate and configure.

Complexity Ranking for Workitem and Versions

For users running the SonarQube integration, Continuum will now normalize complexity data on a scale from 0-100 and assign a code complexity ranking for workitems as well as versions. If you’re using VersionOne Lifecycle this data will be visible on your Portfolio Items as well.

Delivery Forecasts

The Continuum progression board will now show you delivery forecasts for package revisions based on your past delivery/performance history. As you deliver more package revisions to customers, Continuum will make more accurate predictions of when existing packages will be delivered. This data will also be available in the VersionOne Lifecycle “Delivery at a Glance” board.

Delivery Categories

Continuum now assigns a delivery category to each workitem based on the phase it is in. When the workitem reaches the “code-complete” phase, workitems will transition from “developing” to “packaged” (ready for delivery). Once workitem participate in a Continuum “delivery” they will be marked as “delivered”. VersionOne Lifecycle users will be able to visualize this data in both the Portfolio Kanban Board as well as in individual workitems.

Delivery Data Now Sent to VersionOne Lifecycle

As Continuum performs deliveries, all delivery contents will be sent to VersionOne Lifecycle. This will allow users to reconcile release planning items with what was actually shipped to end users. Additionally, Lifecycle users will be able to access delivery contents reports.

Other Updates

  • The “progression” tab under each workitem in Continuum will now show the historical movement of that workitem through the value-stream.
  • Continuum pipelines can now re-version a package revision without the need of promoting the package into a phase.
  • Continuum now allows users to specify environment data for package revisions as they move through the value-stream.
  • New command to delete tasks via API
  • New command to delete users via API
  • Risk file data is now available for Bitbucket Cloud
  • Risk file data is now available for Microsoft VSTS


  • Importing packages to overwrite existing packages now respects the existing revisions (if any).
  • Both GUI and API now allow listing more than 100 packages