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Continuum Release Notes 17.2.2

17.2.2 Highlights


  • Project creation wizard: Continuum now offers a streamline way to setup projects which will automatically setup project type, source data as well as webhook endpoints in your VCS.
  • Continuum now sends “delivery” information to Lifecycle which allows Lifecycle users to view what workitems have been delivered in a specific release.
  • New Environments Dashboards shows all active environments in single location
  • TeamForge Integration has been updated to support TeamForge ALM versions 6.0 to present
  • Continuum now offers outgoing webhooks; configure webhooks for major event types to inform external systems of Continuum activity.

Bug fixes:

  • Task import from file has been fixed
  • Task export updated to include comments
  • TFS plugin now allows explicit collections to be defined
  • IE and Edge icon hover behavior has been fixed
  • Pipeline builder tabs now wrap properly on page resize
  • Project source submission area now displays values for directives