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Continuum Release Notes 17.3.0

17.3.0 Highlights


  • Manual activities: When implementing your value stream via a Continuum progression, users are able to create independent manual activities in-line without having to leave the progression configuration screen. Before this release a pipeline had to be created to stand in for every manual interaction in a progression. This means users will no longer have to leave the progression configuration section to create manual steps. Finally, enhanced activities will allow users to indicate when they have initiated a manual activity but have not completed it yet, eliminating potential double-effort by another user. When configuring a manual activity in Continuum, users can also configure the entry for the “notes” field to be mandatory. This allows the user-entered value to be referenced down-stream in your progression.
  • Outgoing Webhooks: Continuum can now notify external systems when the following events take place:
    • Pipeline Instance Status: Provides information whenever a pipeline instance changes status.
    • Task Instance Addition: Provides information whenever a task executes.
    • Change Submissions: Provides information on all change submissions received by Continuum. The payload includes all the original content coming from your version control system and it additionally provides Continuum-specific data along with the original payload headers.

This is useful for Continuum users who are currently using an external aggregation or alerting tool.

  • Automation Categories: Pipelines and tasks can now be configured with a “category” value which allow Continuum users to easily identify where automation investments are taking place. The available categories are:

- General
- Build
- Test
- Deploy
- Deliver
- Operate
- Monitor

  • Share Usage Statistics: Continuum users can now opt-in to share their usage statistics which will allow users of the GUI to receive guided help and will help the Continuum team build a better product.

Bug fixes:

  • Adding a project using the project wizard auto-refreshes the projects page
  • Adding nested activities to a progression no longer require a refresh to show the correct activity