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Continuum Release Notes 18.0.2

18.0.2 Highlights


  • Continuum Catalog Export: In an effort to provide the ability to store Continuum configuration in version control, users will now be able export the “Continuum Catalog”, which is comprised of the following Continuum objects:
    • Packages
    • Pipelines
    • Projects
    • Tasks

Exporting the catalog from command line tools will return a folder in the specified directory with all the Continuum objects as separate json files. Exporting the catalog from the API will return a single json document containing all the objects.
The catalog export will not only provide the ability to store your configuration in version control but will also allow users to recover from ill conceived changes as well as backup your data for security purposes.

  • Auto-Save Removal: the “auto-save” feature has been removed from the following pages:
    • Project editor
    • Pipeline editor
    • Package editor

These pages will now require the user to click on the “Save” button to process updates. It will additionally warn the user when leaving the page with pending changes.

  • TeamForge ALM integration will now supports specifying tracker types, which allows the integration to calculate “risk” metrics for a progression as well as displaying different objects for “improve” and “maintain” on the progression board (i.e. stories vs defects).

Bug Fixes:

  • Bitbucket “create” and “delete” branch plugin functions were updated to illustrate the correct label
  • Fix color code issue for activity or control was showing incorrectly at times when editing a package’s progression. 
  • Fix issue that was preventing “user” or “developer” role from accessing the insights dashboard
  • Fix issue that misaligned a pipeline plugin with the cursor when dropping a plugin function into a pipeline
  • Fix issue preventing actions from being edited
  • Fix issue preventing certain roles from accessing the “environments” dashboard