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Continuum Release Notes 18.1.0

18.1.0 Highlights


  • Continuum Core Service: we have consolidated the following services into a single core service:
    • Scheduler
    • Messenger
    • Metrics

The new service “ctm-core” will take over the tasks previously done by these 3 services and will provide a more streamlined install and upgrade experience.
New API call: users can now use the “get_package_revision_manifest” API call to retrieve the manifest for a particular package revision. The new call requires the package name or ID as well as the revision number.

  • Package Revision Audit Report: The new report provides summarized information on all the activities & controls applied to a package revision (software release) including relevant users, supporting documentation, links, commits, and workitems. It provides auditors and compliance officers a centralized location with all the necessary information that shows a software release has been through the required steps as specified by the administrator.
  • Manual Activities: summary notes on manual activities now support click-able hyperlinks
  • Task constants have been updated to use the same notation as pipeline constants, therefore, users will now need to enter two underscores preceding the constant name.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue that prevented “developer” user type from accessing pipeline definitions via the Continuum API
  • Fixed issue preventing certain roles from accessing the “environments” dashboard
  • Fixed issue with the “add project” wizard that prevented some projects from being added
  • Fixed issue that was preventing the slack project notification from triggering correctly in some cases
  • Fixed issue that was preventing the “Utility loop” plugin from saving configuration for plugins added to the loop