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Continuum Release Notes 18.1.3

18.1.3 Highlights


  • MongoDB 3.6 Support: Continuum now supports MongoDB 3.6 in addition to MongoDB 3.4.
  • Insights Dashboard Package Filter: Added a new Package filter to dashboard to further refine metrics by scoping to a single package. Viewing metrics for all packages is still supported with the ALL selection.
  • Configure Authentication Database: Continuum can now authenticate with a database defined in the config file using the new property mongodb_auth. Prior to this change, authentication was always done against the admin database.
  • Configure Plugin Instance API: Add a new instance for a particular plugin type. Note: does not overwrite existing instances.
  • Bitbucket Server 5.4 Support: Continuum now supports Bitbucket Server 5.4 with the new Bitbucket Server plugin.

Bug Fixes:

  • JSON Editor breadcrumbs on the Pipeline Detail page, Workspace tab are now hidden.
  • Applied consistent styling to the failed activity indicator icon on Progression Board cards.
  • Artifacts are now copied to the new Project when a Project is copied on the Project Manage page.
  • Login ID is now editable when creating a new user after interacting with other tabs on the Create New User dialog.
  • Users with the Developer and User role can now interact with manual activities.
  • The More button on the Recent Pipeline Activity page no longer replicates already found results.
  • Error tool tip on the Login page displays a useful message in all error scenarios.
  • Grid rows on Asset page fill the full width of the grid.
  • The Run a Task Project Directive no longer requires an empty JSON object in its Initial Data input to run.
  • Pipeline Instances page text filter does not have to be cleared when page is refreshed to filter results again.
  • Global Summary section on Pipeline Detail page now shows when the Show option on the Pipeline Builder page is set to success or failure.
  • Copying the Webhook Endpoint value on the Manage Project page doesn't register as a change.
  • Show All radio button is selected when Project Page loads to reflect the correct default state.
  • Outbound webhook URL input has consistent styling with other text inputs on Webhooks page.
  • Debug tab on the Manage Pipeline page no longer reflects changes or offers to save.
  • Use as Group input is now properly aligned and only shows when Lookup in Submission is selected on Project Manage page.
  • Pending page no longer displays an error when a manual activity is associated with a deleted tag.