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Continuum Release Notes 18.2.1

18.2.1 Highlights

Progression Activities:

  • Manual Activities now support a customized notification message
  • All Activities now support variable replacement from the Package Revision Globals document
  • All Activities now support relevant constants from the context of the Package Revision

Pending Page:

  • List no longer resets to the top of the page when more rows are retrieved
  • Items with long descriptions now show the entire text
  • Pipeline Interactions of ‘Canvas’ and 'Action' type now pass the correct context to their target
  • ‘Details’ column on Pipeline Interactions can be customized using the ‘details’ key in the Interaction ‘Additional Arguments’ field


  • Several more pages now limit data to the Teams of the current user

Bug Fixes:

  • Several metrics have been improved to be significantly less impactful to the database.
  • Fixed an issue where Project Directives may disappear when adding multiple between saves
  • Various issues fixed on the Team Manager