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Continuum Release Notes 18.3.0

18.3.0 Highlights

Quality Insights:

Package Revisions can now be decorated with quality statistics, including Failed Test Count, Severity One Violation Count, and Test Coverage Percentage.  Package Revisions that exceed defined thresholds will be indicated on the Progression.

Value Stream:

  • Progression Board now sorts Packages alphabetically into swim lanes
  • Progression Board now shows an indicator of pending Manual Activities
  • API/CLI to complete a Manual Activity


  • Users can be added to a Team by the Team Administrator, and some properties managed by Team Manager
  • Browser live-update messaging is now aware of Teams
  • Export and Import of configuration Catalog now sorts data by Team
  • More Insights Dashboard data is scoped by Team
  • Progression Metrics are filtered by Team selection


  • Worker installer now 100% configured by arguments versus needing to edit a configuration file
  • Settings not relevant in a hosted Continuum configuration are hidden to prevent mistakes in configuration

Plugins and Integrations:

  • Kubernetes Plugin for Pipelines
  • Parasoft Plugin to pull quality statistics from Parasoft DTP into a Package Revision
  • Generic plugin to directly apply quality statistics to a Package Revision

General UX:

  • System Status page improvements, Settings page improvements
  • Improved styling on Action Buttons

Bug Fixes:

  • Project page filter persists when you navigate away and return
  • Fixed a Task Engine command that was failing to connect to the database
  • Fixed an occasional issue looking up work items in MongoDB 4.0
  • Logs on Pipeline Instance page are no longer limited to top 100 rows
  • Fixed an error when resubmitting a Task from the Task Activity Log dialog