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Continuum Release Notes 19.0.0

19.0.0 Highlights

Deferred Activities 

When a user approves an activity there are times when executing the next activity is not ideal.  A typical case for this would be when a new version of software is approved but a disruption to service is not ideal.  With deferred automated activities this can now be scheduled to happen in the early morning hours instead of as soon as the approval takes place.  

Feature Awareness 

When Continuum receives commit information about a story or defect from VersionOne, Azure Devops/TFS or Jira there is automatic check to see if the item has a parent.  If a parent such as an Epic does exist then that data is shown on the story detail page with a link to the parent asset if available. 

VersionOne Webhook Support 

Continuum now stays in sync with VersionOne via the new VersionOne webhooks.

General Enhancements and Improvements 

  • New Admin menu layout
  • Legend added to Progression Board
  • Sticky headers on Progression Board
  • Longest running activity emphasized on the activity detail page
  • Longest running activity emphasized on the audit report
  • Improved Mongo Sessions to prevent corruption
  • Triggering Azure Devops/TFS Builds and Deploy is now supported