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Continuum Release Notes 20.1.1

20.1.1 Highlights

Continued Team Level Plugin Supportimage (15).png

As an enterprise there may be times when plugins need to be restricted.  For example, an enterprise may need each team to use a specific Jenkins token.  With team level plugins when an instance of that plugin, Jenkins in this case, is created a team can be assigned. This will allow that team to only use that instance or available global plugin instances. 

New Plugin that Support Teams:

  • SonarQube


Other Changes

  • rebranding
  • Project wizard removed
  • XL Release plugin detail supports dark theme
  • XL Release plugin available on Continuum install and Upgrades
  • Warning text for Bitbucket infinite loop prevention
  • A "flow" plugin function to retrieve rogue commits in a package revision
  • Additional details added to HTTP requests pipeline steps


  • Jira external functions not working
  • Could rename a progression to have a blank name
  • Gitlab plugin list_repos function times out
  • Webhook activity does not display
  • Package revision quick view cannot scroll
  • Opening an activity type must be changed to view detail
  • Webhook auto-complete fields save partial text instead of retrieved value
  • Webhook auto-complete that overflow the container do not have a scroll
  • SonarQube function Get Metrics does not work
  • Package revision detail end date was not correct
  • XL Release link on plugin detail view not correct
  • Docker connection success did not return success text
  • Gitlab instance configuration error message not correct
  • Audit reports stripping '0's from timestamps
  • Changing the "From Revision" on the package revision page also changes the "To Revision"
  • Security log filtering by date does not work
  • Projects do not receive a webhook endpoint until the page is reloaded
  • The package set quality pipeline step on the pipeline instance page does not show detail