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Continuum Release Notes 20.2.2


New Feature


Continuum now provides the ability to sync data between Agility (formally VersionOne) and popular systems used throughout the enterprise.'s Agility enterprise planning capability combined with Echo allows the business to provide higher level epics to other team level tools for proper planning and execution.  As epics are broken down in the team level tool those stories are then sent to Agility providing data back to the business about the progress of features needed by customers. 

Systems Supported

  • Agility (formally VersionOne) - 20.0 and Later
  • Jira - 7.1.x and Later
  • Jira Service Desk - 7.1.x and Later
  • Azure DevOps (hosted) - Dev18.M172.1
  • TeamForge - 19.x and Later

Supported Features

  • Workitem Sync
  • Basic Workflow Support
  • Back Linking
  • Add Systems Directly in Echo
  • Activate/Inactivate Mappings
  • Historic Data Sync
  • Re-sync/Retry with History
  • Delete Mappings
  • Failure Email Notifications

For more information about Echo and how to enable this feature in Continuum please click here.


Fixes and Enhancements

  • Invoke_plugin API hangs UI when attempting to execute an external plugin.
  • Package Revision page, Manifest tab, Changes and Work Items section Find field does not work
  • External Plugin now retries 5 times
  • SSO settings are visible for hosted customers
  • Poller updates