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Continuum Release Notes 20.3.1



  • General UI Enhancements
  • API Improvements Documentation Link
    • Import catalog updates
    • Manage global registries via the API
    • Health check updates
    • Get package now passes back return links
    • API now supports create a package
    • API now supports create a progression


  • Inbound and outbound webhook payloads are now completely visible when clicking on the eye icon.
  • Several CLI commands falsely returned "Permission Denied" error.
  • Disabled users were not being disabled.
  • Resolved issue where last report time in system status page displayed 86399 seconds.
  • Resolved task input issue where if the first input parameter is a list type and the second parameter is a text type the second parameter value is passed to the list type also.
  • Resolved issue where unresponsive services were not disabled after 3 minutes.
  • Continuum logo missing on login page.
  • Set Quality plugin fails with error.