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Continuum Release Notes 20.3.3



Several new or improved APIs:

  • The progression board is now supported by a dedicated API.
  • The complete_activity API now accepts completion time as a parameter.
  • Atlassian Jira Directive now supports Jira Cloud.
  • Improved the documentation for invoke_plugin API and CLI.


Agility Connect:

  • The mapping list page more clearly depicts which systems are referenced in particular mapping with an improved page layout.


  • The "Loop" and "Conditional" Utility plugins now properly permit drag-n-drop of other plugins.
  • In the task editor the Manage Variables option now works when using a variables parse text function.
  • Agility connect logs are now stored in /var/continuum/log/agility_connect.
  • The Manage Variables dialog available when defining task steps that use them, now properly persists newly defined variables. (The Add and Done button would not work in some cases.)
  • A helper script is now provided to enable sync services (or disable them). In fresh installs of Agility Connect (or when changing installation modes between standard Continuum mode and Agility Connect only mode) it is necessary to use these helper scripts to properly enable or disable the sync services.