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Continuum Release Notes 21.0.2


Agility Connect

  • Agility to Agility data sync support
  • Any field type to any field type
  • Added Projects in ServiceNow
  • clone Mapping
  • child Planning levels
  • Add child planning level in Agility Connect mapping whenever new child planning is created in Agility
  • Support for "Team" status field mapping
  • Add email address as part of email notifications
  • Customizations must allow extracting a value from a string using patterns (single select to label (multi-select)




  • Can now add users to an Assignment Group from the Assignment Groups page
  • Plugin APIs now have additional guardrails to help users make sure their data is in the correct format
  • System level APIs that previously still required the deprecated "Administrator" role have been updated to require non-deprecated roles
  • New plugin instances will now contain a description field for users to add any additional details they feel are useful
  • Added documentation for some API endpoints that were previously undocumented
  • Updated various packages with known security vulnerabilities


  • Fixed an issue where catalogs with spaces in team names were not imported correctly
  • Fixed an issue where a failed pipeline would sometimes log it's failure reason to the incorrect log file
  • Fixed an issue where fields would sometimes be missing from the modal when adding a new activity
  • Fixed an issue where a Manual Activity with Controls could not be failed until all Controls were passed or failed. Manual activities can now be failed with any number of controls failed. If summary notes are required, they must still be filled in before failing a Manual Activity. Passing a Manual Activity still requires all Controls to be set.
  • Fixed the previously broken delete_tag API
  • Any sidepanels in Agility that require Continuum to be enabled now correctly report when Continuum is unavailable