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Continuum Release Notes 21.2.0


Agility Connect

Agility—Salesforce integration

Agility Connect supports integration between Agility and Salesforce. 
Agility Connect supports the following Salesforce assets:

  • Case
  • Opportunity
  • Lead
  • Account

Salesforce project mapping is not supported. You must select “No Projects” from the Projects drop-down list when you integrate Agility—Salesforce.  

Agility Connect Plugin Management

  • Native plugin management within Agility Connect to add and delete new application instances.

  • Click Systems from the Agility Connect home page to go to the Manage Plugin page. You can add new instances of the following tools from the Manage Plugin page. 
  • Agility
  • Jira
  • TeamForge
  • ServiceNow
  • Azure DevOps/TFS
  • Micro Focus ALM/Quality Center
  • Salesforce/SFDC

You can also test the connection between Agility Connect and the tool’s instance from the Manage Plugin page.

Export and Import Agility Connect Mappings

You can now select and export the mappings you created in Agility Connect. The ability to export Agility Connect mappings comes in handy when you have multiple instances of Agility Connect or if you want to export a mapping that you created in your test setup and import the same in your production setup.

Resync All Failed sync events

Instead of resyncing failed sync events one at a time, you can now Resync All failed sync events in one go from the Logs page. This feature comes in handy at times when you find a single root cause leading to multiple sync failures. Earlier, in addition to fixing the root cause of sync failures, you must resync all the failed sync events one by one, which was tedious. Now, with the ability to Resync All, you can resync all the failed sync events in one go (clicking the Health issues from the Mapping List page shows Logs page with the list of all failed sync events)

Auto Map fields when you create a mapping for Iteration and Sprints

Sync Specific Workitem

In addition to text type fields, “Contains” and “Not Contains” comparison operators are available for list type and multi-select fields.


Improved Security

  • Various helper scripts shipped with Continuum no longer require passwords to be passed as command line arguments
  • Various regular expressions that were vulnerable to redos attacks have been removed
  • Less system log data can now be accessed by lower privileged users
  • Stricter requirements now apply when importing catalogs from .zip files