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VersionOne Continuum - Mongo Database Upgrade Required

Continuum MongoDB Upgrade Required

You must upgrade MongoDB to version 3.4 in order for Continuum to continue to work properly.


The next major release of Continuum will discontinue the use of MySQL database and will move entirely to use MongoDB. While Continuum was originally written for MySQL, the unstructured nature of the NoSQL architecture (MongoDB) suits Continuum data much better.


The next release (17.1.4) will be the last release to include MySQL Support. Subsequent releases after release 17.1.4 will require Mongo 3.4.


If you are currently on MongoDB version 3.4, no action is required. However, if you are using a MongoDB version prior to 3.4 please see the MongoDB Documentation site for instructions on how to upgrade.


Please reach out to VersionOne Support or your VersionOne rep should you have any questions.