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Fall 2016 Point Release #6 - Build


Various bug fixes and improvements.


  • The Start Date defaults to the latter of the Project Start Date or the date one year in the past from today for following charts:

    • Active Member Trend

  • Added ability to run Lifecycle API queries using Access Tokens

  • Delivery At A Glance

    • Ability to filter by Project Owner


  • Reporting and Analytics

    • Standup Dashboard: Title is Missing on Cumulative Flow Chart

    • TeamRoom: Cycletime Report times out

    • Reports redraw after a filter is changed and before being run

    • Analytics User Role does not change when Member Default Role is changed

    • Error accessing Analytic Grids

  • Roadmaps

    • Hover over Project results in error

    • Closed Portfolio Items don't show strikethrough formatting

  • Other

    • Activity from changes to unrelated members in Member activity stream inappropriately displays for Members following other Members in Conversations

    • History entries can get out of sequence

How to Upgrade

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If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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