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Fall 2016 Point Release #4 - Build


Various bug fixes and improvements to Reports, Analytics, Administration and Delivery At A Glance.


  • The Start Date defaults to the latter of the Project Start Date or the date one year in the past from today for the following charts:

    • Detail Estimate Trend

    • Request Trend

  • Added the ability to filter by Team on Story Count By Iteration.

  • Added option to hide closed work items on Strategic Theme Visualization.

  • Added ability to filter by owner on Portfolio Item Progress Report Dashboard panel and chart.


  • Reports

    • My Dashboard project selector is empty after refreshing the page.

    • Workitem Cycle time report excel export no longer shows work item count.

    • "All" and "None" Team selection is missing from reports.

    • Epic Dashboard chart fails to load.

  • Roadmapping

    • Roadmapping fails when specific date circumstances occur.

    • Roadmap timeline displays incorrectly when no epics are available to display.

  • Analytics

    • The following Analytics Dashboards fail with DisableMouseTracking error:

      • Program Dashboard Project Burndown

      • Team Dashboard Project Burndown

      • Team Dashboard Sprint Burndown

      • Team Dashboard Member Burndown

      • Team Dashboard Workitem Time in Status

  • Other

    • Invalid date message on pinned community topics.

    • Removing Avatar is not handled correctly in IE browser.

    • History view scroll bar disappears after viewing second page of history for an asset.

    • Error occurs when trying to add capacity to a member that does not have work for the iteration.

    • Accessing Backlog Goal in Asset Tray recent history results in error.

    • Portfolio item dependency graph results in error with too much data.

    • Planning Room default icon does not display in quick search.

    • Program Board does not render if child project does not share a schedule with a parent project.

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