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Fall 2016 Point Release #3 - Build


Various bug fixes and improvements to Reports, Analytics, Administration and Delivery At A Glance.


  • The Start Date defaults to the latter of the Project Start Date or the date one year in the past from today for the following charts

    • Team Burndown

    • Team Test Trend

    • Team Workitem Trend

    • Velocity By Date

    • Velocity by Priority

    • Velocity By Project

    • Velocity By Status

  • Admin

    • Updated Applications styling

    • Ability to view and change existing terminology settings when browser does not support that language

    • Added support for full localization identifiers on the Terminology page

  • Added Create Date and Created by attributes to the following analytic grids

    • Epic

    • Backlog Item

    • Story

    • Defect

    • TestSet

    • Task

    • Test

  • Delivery At A Glance

    • Added ability to optionally see child portfolio items when viewing by portfolio item


  • Roadmaps

    • Swag/Estimate chart controls are displayed behind timeline view

    • Drag Portfolio Item to new column on Roadmap Board adjusts Roadmap Timeline duration to 1 day

  • Planning Room

    • Policy view overlaps in Planning Room when multiple boards are open at the same time

  • Analytics

    • Effort for a workitem is duplicated on an Analytic Grid when the workitem is assigned to multiple Goals

    • SQL error is displayed on session timeout

    • Strategic Theme Allocation Table invalid URL

    • Epic Progress Report Chart indicates there are too many Epics to display when same panel chart does not

    • Agile Earned Value by Date panel has an error on Program Dashboard

    • Analytics Grid Heatmap results in error

  • Data Mart

    • ETL performance issues updating Fact.ProjectSummary

    • Epic Burnup does not use Fact.PrimaryWorkitem in the query

  • Scorecard

    • Velocity Trend on the Team Room Scorecard needs to include Closed Scopes so the values align with heads-up Velocity

  • Reports

    • Parking Lot report does not launch or display any results

    • Portfolio Item partition visualization has black background

    • Team Room Velocity Chart bar height does not match velocity value

    • Dependency chart has black overlay on scroll

    • Inline Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow by Status prints incorrectly

    • Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow, Portfolio Item Bubble Chart PDF return no results

    • My Work - My Dashboard PDF only shows the first chart on the dashboard

    • Velocity Trend inline report PDF does not honor filter selection

    • Inline Workitem Cycle Time PDF generation results in runtime error

  • Iteration Scheduling

    • When changing the page-level team selection from All to a team, the sprint target doesn't change to team target. 

  • Other

    • Filtering by Theme (None) on the Portfolio Item grid does not return Portfolio Items with out children

    • Program Board time indicators can exceed 100% view width

    • Backlog "order column" icons do not work consistently in Internet Explorer 11

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