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Fall 2016 Point Release #2 - Build


Various bug fixes and improvements to Objectives and Scorecards.


  • Backlog Goals/Objectives

    • You can now drag and drop portfolio items and/or backlog items to assign to a backlog goal/objective using the Release Scheduling page.

    • Backlog Goals/Objectives now display on Portfolio Item Visualization diagrams.

    • Portfolio Item now display on Backlog Goals/Objectives Visualization diagrams.

    • Improved scrolling view on the Release Scheduling page.

  • Scorecards

    • The Scope Scorecard option was added to view Active Portfolio Items in Scope or out of Scope.


  • Roadmap

    • The Settings icon is is no longer unresponsive.

    • Hovering over a project in timeline view no longer returns error.

  • Scorecard

    • Team Breakdown on Epic Scorecard now includes all Teams that own work, not just active teams.

    • End Dates on Scope Scorecards display today's date if no end date is specified.

  • Delivery At A Glance

    • "Show more" items message remains visible when the filter starts on view by portfolio item.

  • Program Board

    • % Complete now displays for active projects.

    • Dependency arrows display properly in the Edge browser.

    • The Go button is now correctly styled in the Dependencies popup window.

  • Program Predictability Report

    • Clarifies when not displaying data because project scope is set too low.

  • Release Scheduling

    • The Tab Panels correctly load on Safari on Mac.

  • Iteration Scheduling

    • The hover over stats help icon now correctly displays in Firefox and Mac.

    • Planned Completed delta now shows when planned is 0.

    • In Team Edition, the Edit button displays on iterations.

    • Grid Velocity value takes into account selected Team.

  • Regression Tests

    • Members can now remove regression tests from test suites without adding a test first.

  • Miscellaneous

    • The Topic Tray now displays on the Value Stream Board and Program Board pages.

    • Setup: "allowDoubleEscaping" is now configured in setup not web.config.

    • The alignment on multi-line grid rows is now consistent.

    • The Excel export feature correctly displays links and text of rich text fields in grids that are customized to show rich text fields.

    • The Iteration Quicklist and Iteration Detail Story and Defect Counts now match.

    • In Team Edition, you can now saving system configuration settings.

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