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Fall 2016 Point Release #1 - Build


Various bug fixes


  • Sprint Scheduling
    • Visualization Updates
    • Side Panel Schedule Details Hover
    • Progress Bar shows Planned vs Target
    • Ability to save Target when switching between sprints or page refresh
    • The Team Scheduling page is being deprecated in favor of the new Iteration/Sprint Scheduling page found under Iteration/Sprint Planning in the main menu.
  • Scorecards
    • Project and Program Scorecard: Display selected Epics with child Epics and Stories that are in or out of the selected project
    • Strategic Theme Scorecard: Cumulative Flow Chart Start Date defaults to greater of today minus 12 months or the Strategic Theme Create Date
    • Strategic Theme Scorecard: Project breakdown excludes closed projects
  • Delivery At A Glance
    • Visualization Updates
  • PI Objectives
    • Business Value score updates when customizing the PI Objectives grid
    • Add Objective inline
  • Roadmapping
    • Visualization Updates
    • Save/Edit Roadmap View
    • Delete Roadmap View


  • Unhandled Exception when Portfolio Item filter on Portfolio Kanban page is set to an Portfolio Item that has been moved to a project that that a user does not have permissions on.
  • Standup Dashboard Cumulative Flow Report displays no results when the project end date is outside the reporting period.
  • TeamRoom burndown and cumulative flow chart vertical axis is too small.
  • Program Board does not respond when no epics are the selected project.
  • Scorecard help links do not take user to Scorecard help page.
  • Roadmap and Project Timeline do not show vertical label numbers when not grouped.
  • Roadmap Legend spills over border.
  • Roadmap tooltips missing on Reset & Settings icons.

How to Upgrade

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If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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Contact support if you need a 2016 annual license for your on-site system.

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