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Spring 2016 Point Release #2 - Build

Class of Service is now available in the Data Mart and Analytics, numerical ranking in Admin and various bug fixes.


  • Lifecycle:

    • List Types under Admin can now be reordered using the new numerical ranking method in the Order grid column.

  • Data Mart:

    • Added Dim.ClassOfService table which contains the Class Of Service list values defined in Lifecycle

    • Added a ClassOfServiceKey column to Fact.PrimaryWorkitem and Fact.Workitem.  This is a foreign key to Dim.ClassOfService and contains the trended Class of Service value for a Story, Defect, or TestSet. 

    • Added PrimaryWorkitemClassOfService column to Dim.PrimaryWorkitem.  This column contains the current value of the Class Of Service attribute for the Story, Defect, or TestSet. 

    • Added a TotalToDo column to Fact.Epic.  This column contains the total remaining ToDo value for all work items assigned to the Portfolio Item on the given day. 

  • Analytics:

    • Class of Service attribute is now available on Backlog, Story, Defect, and TestSet Analytic grids.

    • Total ToDo for all work items assigned to a Portfolio Item is now available on the Portfolio Item Analytic grids.

    • Class of Service attribute is now available in Custom Reporting on the Workitem Trend and the Workitem Details Data Sources

    • Total remaining Todo for all work assigned to a Portfolio Item is now available in Custom Reporting on the Portfolio Item Trend Data Source


  • Defects do not have an 'Add inline' option for task and test relationship grids.
  • Clear All Filters does not remove member filter in TeamRoom.
  • Benefits field not available in Customize for backlog grids.
  • Summary column on Taskboard and Testboard in is too wide.
  • Administration: List type values can not be reordered.
  • Various fields missing from Customize Column options.
  • Data Mart: ETL fails when Epics have a custom relationship with the built-in class of service list.

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