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Winter 2016 Point Release Release #3 - Build


  • Program Board is now available under Release Planning.

  • Subscriptions have now been enhanced to support portfolio items.

  • On the Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow report, the Start Date defaults to the latter of the Project Start Date or the date one year in the past from today.

  • Backlog cut lines have labels for non-Kanban TeamRooms.

  • "Build Projects" was renamed "Pipelines".

  • "Build Runs" was renamed "Pipeline Runs".


  • System assigns dependency to all workitems if there is no valid item to add a dependency to

  • Scorecard Burn-up Chart: Total estimate line has a gap

  • Error received when accessing Reports menu

  • Search for format "1.2.3" returns no results

  • Burndown chart in Team Room is hard to read when data points are plotted with diamonds

  • Activity Stream processing is delayed

  • Copying and pasting search terms from the web that contains space and tab characters results in search out of memory condition

  • Quick search for format "B-11" results in slow search performance

  • Scorecard (and other reports) in TeamRoom fails to load when user does not have access to TeamRoom's scope

  • Can't use the @ character when entering a story description

  • Regional dates break Kanban rooms' panels

  • Conversations made in a TeamRoom are no longer associated with the TeamRoom

  • TeamRoom Scorecard date format is inconsistent

  • Analytics: The Portfolio Item Progress Report panel/chart and the Feature Completion panel/chart show Portfolio Items regardless of Strategic Theme assignment

Auto-update date 3/5/2016

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