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Winter 2016 Point Release Release #4 - Build


  • CommitStream now supports Visual Studio Online.

  • Program Board improvements

    • Added support for creating new Portfolio Items.

    • Added support for refreshing the board without a full page refresh.

    • VersionOne Programs are now supported.  All Projects in the Program must use the same schedule.

    • The "Future" column was renamed to "Out of Scope" to better reflect its contents.  Anything appearing in this column not part of the selected Project and/or Program.

  • In TeamRooms, the ability to drag a Story from the Story Board to the backlog was added.


  • Active Member Trend Access report is incorrect

  • Standup Dashboard Burndown and Cumulative Flow not working in IE10

  • Timesheet fails to load when time was entered for a workitem that the user can no longer access

  • Unable to add workitems to a Timesheet

  • Timesheet recording time on incorrect days

  • TeamRoom Scorecard displays question marks

  • Value markers on Sprint Burndown in TeamRoom make the chart more difficult to read.

  • Data Mart ETL fails when updating calculated fields.

  • Defects by Project panel in Analytics received several updates

    • Only immediate child projects are shown and lower nodes in the hierarchy roll-up to these projects

    • Projects are ordered by End Date, then Start Date.

    • The selected project no longer appears in the list

    • Grouping honors the defined value order

Auto-update date 3/19/2016

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact Support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

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