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Winter 2016 Point Release Release #5 - Build


  • Program Board Updates

    • Moved and replaced the icon used to identify when Portfolio Items on the board contain backlog items that have not been planned into an iteration.  The icon now appears next to the Portfolio Item Display ID

    • The Program Board is now sized to fit within the page width

    • Added horizontal scrolling controls at the top of the board to allow viewing columns that are off the page.

    • Added the ability to view the entire board on a single page.

  • The default value for Start Date on Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow and Iteration Burndown is either the Project Start Date or the current date last year, which ever occurs later.  This only impacts the default value, you can still change the date if necessary. 

  • In Analytics, all panels on the Enterprise Dashboard have a parameter that enables reporting on when items were closed/archived or when they were completed, as defined by the Reporting Categories.  The default is to report on when items were complete. 


  • Allocate by owner option impacts Sprint Burndown
  • Throughput for Kanban TeamRooms uses changed date instead of closed date
  • Velocity Trend Report inaccurately displays results when a child project is closed
  • By Iteration panels and charts look at end date + 1 not end date for complete
  • Velocity Trend Planned vs. Actual fails when the project change contains a schedule change and an iteration was selected
  • Saved custom reports show up in red and are not editable
  • WIP display in the Kanban team room prints too many zeroes
  • Sprint name that uses less than and greater than (<>) in the name shows up incorrectly on sprint close page
  • Iteration Scorecard Days Remaining Value is invalid when viewing the scorecard before the Iteration Start Date
  • Program Scorecard exhausts application server memory when executed for a program with a large number of projects and workitems
  • Error expanding asset tray when using Firefox browser
  • Error code is not returned in some cases where setup fails
  • JavaScript errors in IE9 when editing a budget
  • Analytics: The large chart for Feature Completion (aka Portfolio Item Completion) truncates Portfolio Item titles to 30 characters

Auto-update date 4/9/2016

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