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Winter 2016 Point Release Release #6 - Build


  • Filter menu does not reflect customized terminology.

  • Story template appears on project storyboard.

  • Multi-select list display order does not follow configured order.

  • "Today" tick mark is missing on progress bars.

  • Add WIP to storyboard doesn't save without removing focus on field.

  • Removing a member from one team removes him from all teams in capacity planning.

  • Timesheets

    • Fail to load when time was entered for a workitem that the user can no longer access.

    • Error message "You appear to be offline. Unsaved changes will appear in yello and will remain unsaved until your connection is restored" .

    • Adding a new entry copies values from the previous item.

  • Planning Room Portfolio Tree: Export to Excel does not work.

  • TeamRoom Scorecard

    • The Velocity Trend and average value on the scorecard panel do not match .

    • Incorrect team count.

Auto-update date 4/30/2016

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