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Fall 2017 Point Release #3 - Build


Analytics updates and various bug fixes.


  • Analytics
    • Tags
    • Delivery Category
    • Code Complexity are now available in Analytics
    • Planned and Achieved Business Value metrics for Goals


  • Reports
    • Burn Down Chart in TeamRoom and Scorecard do not honor Show Weekends
    • Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow by Status Chart has incorrect Y-Axis label
    • My Dashboard formatting breaks down when adding lots of charts
    • Scope Change report's end date is one day further than selected timebox end date
    • Portfolio Kanban Inline Epic Bubble report error
    • Standup dashboard header displays over charts
    • Missing title on Member Group Load Trend and Timesheet Audit reports
  • Analytics
    • Role Based Dashboard does not persist for the user
    • Backlog Grid fails if it's the first dashboard loaded
    • Priority Filter on the Portfolio Item Progress report contains no values
  • Other
    • Community subscription errors when attempting to send email notifications to a subscriber without a valid email address
    • Viewing Roadmap while zoomed out in Chrome browser causes browser to freeze
    • Epic Dependency Diagram displays without a scroll bar
    • Story Board filter for Status does not show team workspace statuses
    • Regression Tests that have not been tagged do not display in the list to assign to a Regression Suite
    • Status filter lookup is ordered by date added and not by order priority
    • List Types Administration is missing the list type color selector


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