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Spring 2017 Point Release #4 - Build


Various improvements and bug fixes.


  • In-Line Edit
    • Programs can be edited in-line
  • Team Process
    • Ability for an administrator to move existing status values from a Project Workspace to a Team
    • The Storyboard Team filter shows all appropriate status values for a Team or Project Selection
  • New Filters
    • Enter key initiates search
  • Velocity Reporting
    • Velocity average calculation ignores any sprints/iterations at the beginning of an sprint/iteration schedule with zero velocity
    • TeamRoom Scorecard Velocity Goes Back 6 Iterations
  • Admin
    • Time Zone is now UTC
    • Application Time Zone is included in config.v1
    • Display Color for Acceptance Test and Task Status can be selected.  The colors chosen are only used in Lifecycle reports.  Color information is not currently propagated to the Data Mart or Analytics.
  • API Console
    • Link to API Console is now available from Http.html
    • Help link is accessible from API Console


  • Team Process
    • When creating a new backlog item, and selecting a Team the Status Value list does not update to reflect the proper status values for the selected Team
    • Dragging a Backlog Item to the board in a TeamRoom with a defined process does not assign the correct status
    • The Storyboard in TeamRooms that only consider one set of status values and no team workspaces, should be configurable when set to All teams
    • Adding status column on backlog page when Team Process is disabled displays error instead of status value
  • New Filters
    • Project filters shouldn't have quick filter capabilities
    • Selected filters and grid paging controls overlap
    • Filters with a long list of options expand outside the viewable window
    • Tooltip warning displays behind the Filter Bar selector on Roadmapping
    • Moving a Portfolio Item after filtering on that Portfolio item does not reset the selected filter when the Portfolio Item is no longer in scope or has been deleted
    • Portfolio Item filter option includes an "unassigned option"
    • Filter results in error after deleting a Team and then refreshing a grid that was previously filtered by that Team
    • Workitem Dependencies filter by Team does not work
    • Date Filters when set to years before 1753 result in error
    • Planning Room Timeline Epics and Project Timeline Projects overlap filter dropdown
  • Other
    • When the Start and End Dates on the Scope Change Report are the same day in the past, then the Scope Change Report does not show changes that occur on that day
    • Value Stream Board displays extra white-space and cards are misaligned
    • Goals are not visible on the backlog grid
    • Unestimated Defect, Unestimated Stories, Estimate Pts. and Estimate Pts. - Roll-up fields are not displaying on an asset page under Display Fields
    • Guest collaborators are routed to an incorrect link after logging in to access a conversation or to view an asset
    • Un-styled screen displays when generating a Story or Defect from the Asset Tray
    • Can not add a member to a team in Member Capacity
    • Language selection does not work on the Terminology page
    • Estimate Points not calculating correctly in Scope Change Report summary section
    • Agile Earned Value chart incorrectly considers the current date when calculating the ideal line
    • Deleted tasks are inappropriately counted for story progress
    • E-mail messages with new lines or linefeeds in its subject fail to send
    • Member Planning: Stories that do not have tasks owned by the same member fail on expanding
    • My Inbox: Navigating to a link from within a message detail does not dismiss message view
    • Ideas: Opening and idea when All Projects is selected results in error
    • Portfolio Item Icons do not render after ranking by drag and drop in IE11
    • When viewing a Story or Defect asset with Tests, the Test Edit menu does not include "Generate Regression Test" option
    • Budgets: Cannot create new budget
    • Delivery At A Glance: Timeout when filtered by owner in Portfolio Item view
    • In-Line Edit: Text and Numeric fields are too tall when in edit mode
    • Analytics: Backlog Item Counts do not match on Backlog Item Throughput and Responsiveness
    • Analytics: Portfolio Item Counts do not match on Portfolio Item Throughput and Responsiveness

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