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Spring 2017 Point Release #5 - Build


New Team Process and In-Line Edit capabilities, Continuum Complexity Ranking, various other improvements, and bug fixes.


  • In-Line Edit
    • Warn of unsaved changes
    • Team can be edited in-line
  • Team Process
    • Story Board Column option to view work by Roll-up categories
    • Status Value Tooltip on Storyboard, TeamRoom Storyboard and Portfolio Item Board
    • Improved drag and drop experience when managing Team Status Values
    • Cumulative Flow report displays both old and New Status Values when a Team changes their process
    • Status Value is cleared when Project or Team is changed when editing an asset
    • Status Values cannot be assigned to a Team and in a Project Workspace
    • Status Value cannot be selected if it's not valid for a selected Team
  • Admin
    • Display Color for Acceptance Test and Task Type can be selected.  The colors chosen are only used in Lifecycle reports.  Color information is not currently propagated to the Data Mart or Analytics.
    • Members can be invited via email for SSO enabled instances
  • Integration
    • Continuum: A feature that has commits gets assigned a Complexity Ranking.  Complexity Rank from 0 to 100 informed by the code commits associated to this asset. Available with VersionOne Continuum integration.


  • TeamRoom
    • Exceeding the Group WIP limit in a TeamRoom does not change the column color to indicate that the group limit has been exceeded
    • Storyboard in a Kanban TeamRoom shows two "None" columns when not using Status for columns
    • Cannot add tasks to Task Board from the Task Board
    • TeamRoom Storyboard Status column order does not display in the same order as configured in List Types
  • In-Line Edit
    • Dropdown lists sometimes display without list loaded
    • Updating the Planned End Date on a portfolio item results in 400 error when the browser is set to UK English
    • Asset title does not wrap properly
    • Closed assets are not struck through in inline edit asset details
    • Dropdowns with asset links can sometimes open with no values
    • Down arrows for dropdowns are showing when not hovering or in edit mode
    • Description field expander doesn't appear until after save and cannot scroll text view while the expander is collapsed
  • New Filters
    • Epic Category multi-select list header and tooltip are not localized
    • Unable to display filter on Release Scheduling page in Team Edition
  • Misc
    • Save and View button is missing when adding a Backlog Item from the Backlog page
    • Server error when attempting to add a Backlog Item
    • Multiple views of the Storyboard results in memory leak
    • Help link results in memory leak
    • Delivery At A Glance: Text does not wrap correctly
    • Published timelines can not be viewed in an SSO enabled instance
    • Guest collaborator invitation URL results in error when attempting to access after an initial incomplete registration 
    • FTP and file links no longer work when accessing from an asset
    • Sitemap produces 404 error
    • Task grid on a Story does not refresh after editing the Task
    • Images can not be resized in the description field of an asset

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