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Summer 2017 Point Release #4 - Build


Navigation, in-line edit and team process improvements and other various bug fixes.


  • Navigation
    • Sub-Menu navigation removed by default
      • Option to display sub-menu navigation added to user preferences
    • Conversations can be started from sidebar
  • In-Line Edit
    • Support for Member Group and Strategic Themes
    • WSJF and Cost of Delay update when comprising fields are changed
  • Team Process
    • Cycle Time Reports are populated using the begin and end cycle from the teams defined process
  • Budgets
    • When viewing budget detail breakdowns, the breakdowns render with currency or points applied


  • Navigation & Styling
    • Background color on Portfolio Item tabs is inconsistent
    • Links in an asset description field aren't very visible unless hovered
    • Collapsed TeamRoom header shows room name on top of the search panel
    • Dependency Report help link is incorrect
  • Reporting
    • TeamRoom Velocity Chart does not show data from Closed Projects
    • Scorecard Unestimated Percentage and TeamRoom Scorecard Completion Gauge do not take into account a members reporting preference
    • Workitem Cycle Time on Standup Dashboard fails to load
    • PDFs created from page inappropriately include the side panel
  • Analytics & Data Mart
    • ETL fails creating Custom Views when a Custom Attribute name conflicts with a generated custom list column name
    • Custom Report fails to run when filtered using a Theme attribute in a dropdown
  • Other
    • When switching projects on a view with an applied filter, some filters become invisible and cannot be removed
    • Unable to move cards on the storyboard when the column customization is set to something other then status
    • Budget does not get created when the budget unit is selected before the budget value 
    • Creating a new conversation on a pinned topic is not appropriately localized when started from the side panel
    • Delivery at a Glance inappropriately shows planned phase when box is unchecked

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