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Winter 2017 Point Release #5 - Build


CommitStream support for VSTS-TFVC, ALM Connect improvements and various bug fixes.


  • CommitStream
    • Added support for VSTS - TFVC
  • ALM Connect
    • Added support to Jira work logs to Lifecycle effort for a given member. 


  • Iteration Scheduling
    • Teams with assigned work for a project other than the currently selected project are inappropriately visible when both projects share the same schedule
  • TeamRoom
    • Error is displayed on Teamroom Storyboard when a member attempts to access the TeamRoom and does not have access to a project that the TeamRoom is configured for.
  • Analytics & Reporting
    • When viewing a Shared Dashboard the "Dashboard Management" button disappears
    • Enterprise Dashboard fails when editing panel parameters
    • When using Custom Report panels on Dashboards, clicking on the Custom Reporting tab intermittently displays a Custom Report and not the Custom Reporting UI.
    • Typo on reports error message notification

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