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Winter 2017 Point Release #2 - Build


Various bug fixes, updates to hovers, and timesheets.


  • Slack
    • Push Notifications for Lifecycle and Slack are now available click here for setup.
  • API Console
    • API Console to replace old http endpoint for development and API testing. Click here for your first lesson using the console.
  • Timesheets
    • Display total time roll-up on timesheet even when user is unable to view details due to security permissions
    • Manager field has a description
    • Filter panel shows when Timesheet Audit report loads and collapses after filter is applied
  • Other
    • Updated styling for Conversations
    • All Installers require .Net 4.5.2


  • Roadmaps

    • Saved Views don't remember "More Filters"

  • Timesheet

    • When adding a new member, there is no field to assign a Manager

  • Project Timeline

    • Filters not working

  • Program Board

    • Does not display the Sprint Name on the column headers when the Sprint Name contains a "-"

  • Iteration Planning

    • Unable to display error message when Iteration is expanded

  • Reporting & Analytics

    • Agile Earned Value by Iteration sorts Iterations in the wrong order

    • Setup Fails to upgrade when a user name contain a backslash

    • Dashboard Feature Completion Panel configured to show all Epics does not show all Epics upon initially loading the panel

    • Member Dashboard member filter inappropriately includes All and None filters

  • Other

    • Bulk changing backlog items on the backlog grid does not uncheck changed items and return focus to the grid

    • TeamRoom chart expands over story board when the navigation panel is collapsed and reopened

    • Methodology doesn't persist when a database refreshes from production to sandbox

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Feb 25

Feb 25

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