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Fall 2018 Point Release #4 - Build


Enhancements and bug fixes in VersionOne


  • Ability to edit an existing webhook subscription
  • Webhook subscription setup accepts Authentication Header and Description
  • Users get instant feedback on setup errors for webhook subscription
  • Webhook Subscriptions can handle multiple events in a single webhook subscription
  • Using the API, users can query for the status of a webhook subscription (last 20 actions)
  • Webhook Status query through the API shows self-describing information about the webhook 
  • Enabled ability to create views on certain modal windows
  • Progress Bar has been added to Delete All action in My Inbox
  • Better REST API parsing for filter context tokens
  • Persisting Show Title checkbox in Roadmap Timeline


  • Issue where deleted asset was not triggering a webhook subscription has been resolved
  • Fixed issue where delivery failure of a webhook subscription blocks other similar subscriptions
  • Better error handling for Release Forecasting report.
  • Showing the right message in Release Forecasting report when there is no data to show
  • Expanded child epics on the Portfolio Item Roadmap timeline were not displaying a progress indicator. They now show progress appropriately
  • The Convert to Story and Convert to Defect actions on Story Templates and Defect Templates respectively erroneously converted the templates to non-template active workitems. Now these actions will convert a Story Template to a Defect Template and vice versa


  • Analytics setup no longer fails when TLS 1.0 is disabled and TLS 1.1 is enabled

Data Mart

  • Data Mart ETL no longer fails to run when TLS 1.0 is disabled and TLS 1.1 is enabled

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December 15

December 15

December 15

December 15


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