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Fall 2018 Point Release #6 - Build


Enhancements and bug fixes in VersionOne


  • Improved UI for Webhooks now shows the status and history of individual webhooks.
  • Edit and Delete Webhook subscriptions by selecting the Menu secondary action.
  • Improved keyboard navigation for Webhooks.
  • Improved UI for Saved Views with Show All/Collapse All groups in the Saved Views sidebar.
  • Added favorite views to the "Favorites" group in the Saved Views sidebar panel.
  • General performance enhancements around data queries.


  • Iteration Burndown was not reflecting the Current Value when Timezone between the Client and Server was significantly different.
  • Webhook Enable/Disable slider no longer opens Edit window.
  • In some cases Webhooks configured to trigger on the same type of event would only trigger one of the group. Now, all Webhooks will trigger individually.
  • Clicking on the accordion header in Webhooks will not trigger the hidden content of the panel.
  • Save button now immediately available after dropdown selection in Webhooks.

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February 9

February 9

February 9


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