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Spring 2018 Point Release #5 - Build


Enhancement to the API and various bug fixes.


  • Allow an array of strings for a with value in an API query


  • When defects are disabled, defects can still be created inline on a storyboard
  • Adding a workitem inline on a storyboard is not always successful
  • Adding a workitem inline on a storyboard that is configured with Portfolio Item swimlanes does not populate the workitem's portfolio item appropriately
  • Roadmaps published in previous versions no longer show epics
  • Workitem icons in the portfolio tree are misaligned
  • Inactive status values are listed when adding a new backlog item for a team with it's own process
  • When clicking on a tag, the resulting search results are not filtered by that tag
  • Testboard and Taskboard pagination controls are misaligned
  • Exception is logged when author deletes a conversation
  • Exceptions are logged when a workitem is deleted in certain circumstances

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