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Fall 2019 Point Release #17 - Build 19.3.17


Enhancements and bug fixes in VersionOne



  • Parent Planning Level can be reassigned before save when creating a child Planning Level from Release/PI Planning

  • Filters on Portfolio Tree do not wrap

  • Overlapping text on Iteration Scheduling

  • Play/Pause button on Scorecard Charts is not visible in all browsers

  • On-Premise installations without internet connection cannot resolve fonts

  • Performance updates on Roadmap Board view when Portfolio Items are grouped

  • Default Member Avatar is now a Panda

  • Member's Avatar does not display when the Member is mentioned in a conversation

  • TeamRoom Member Avatar not highlighted when used for filtering in the Dark Theme

  • Guest Collaborator avatars are not differentiated

  • Progress Bars in My Dashboard no longer display the current date indicator.

  • Exceptions logged from TeamRoom Scorecards

  • Exporting Members from the Member Grid on the Project Details does not export the Member's Project Role

  • Dependency icons are not correct in Grids

  • Unexpected behavior when using drag and drop on Taskboard and Testboard to move Task or Test

  • Print and PDF buttons in My Dashboard are doubled

Previous releases included in this batch update:

Fall 2019 Point Release #16 - Build 19.3.16


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